A Hog-Tied House

A Hog-Tied Housefeatured

This is a view of the farmhouse in its first days as the Floyd residence. Something we noticed right away was that the poor house looked like it had been strung up, there were so many wires and cables wrapped around the exterior.


With random wires hanging from every direction and strangling the base, we joked that our poor farmhouse looked hog-tied. The pictures really don’t do it justice. I felt like the house was screaming, “set me free!”

DSC_0188 DSC_0186

The problem was that through the home’s long life, whenever the owner added a new phone line, internet cable, or gas line he would just leave the previous system there as well. After awhile the wires and cables began to pile up. There was even an old satellite. To give the farmhouse an inexpensive facelift, we attacked all of the ugly.


It took Michael and I several days to saw, pry, and unscrew all the wires and cables that were attached to the exterior. I wondered if we laid each piece end to end how many miles they would cover. Finally, the farmhouse could breath once more. Today we removed the last of the bonds that had held it captive for so many years.



Now we just need to get rid of the warped, cracked, and mildewed vinyl siding. Could be awhile till this farmhouse looks its best.


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