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Bathroom Sneak Peekfeatured


Today I wanted to give you a little sneak peek at the bathroom we are adding upstairs. Remember these claw feet?

Before                                                   After

DSC_0543  DSC_0076

Michael and I stayed up late last night finishing the installation of the sub-floor. We had to use thick plywood instead of the standard OSB to help support the weight of the new cast iron claw foot tub. It was my first encounter with liquid nails and I have to say it smells awful!

DSC_0080  DSC_0083

We are converting a small bedroom into an upstairs bathroom, being careful to use the original footprint of the farmhouse. Here is a peek at some of the pieces I will be incorporating into my design for this space.

DSC_0070  DSC_0073

As I have mentioned before, I am trying to use a mix of period pieces with a more modern twist. I don’t want the farmhouse to feel like a museum or Grandma’s house. My goal is to incorporate the old with the new, for a classic farmhouse look. To achieve this look, I will use fabric with a contemporary pattern to give the room an updated feel, while using classic foundational pieces. This will allow me to easily keep up with trends without having to renovate every few years.

DSC_0078  DSC_0079

For the vanity we are repurposing an old dresser that had been in pretty rough shape. I am pairing it with an antique mirror I found of only $45. I hope you are excited about the upcoming bathroom reveal, I know we are! We are having the tile put in professionally, since this floor will be under a lot of stress from the tub and all the other elements. This tile job has to be done right. But we have no idea when the tile will be installed because every tile guy in Kansas is completely booked.

DSC_0715  DSC_0528

I guess this will be another patience lesson for me. I just want to have an indoor place to bathe my baby before winter. Is that to much to ask? Not that Cami Grace minds bathing like a pioneer.


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