Curtains that Fall Short

Curtains that Fall Shortfeatured



This often the problem when one buys panels from a department store like I did. They are not made to fit a victorian window or anything but the simplest windows and low ceilings. Here is a short and simple explanation of an idea I came up with to fix this problem in my farmhouse on a very tight budget…

To give these panels an elegant custom look and help them fit the space better I tacked on some burlap ribbon. ($3.47 per roll)


You could really use any ribbon or trim. Make sure to use a color of ribbon that accents your panels, not one that distracts your eye or feels over powering. Burlap ribbon is a great choice because it is an inexpensive material that can add length and texture without taking the attention away from the pattern on your curtain panels.




I love the piled look.  Luxurious!


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