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The Laundry Roomfeatured


I can’t believe I haven’t shown you this earlier. We are so thankful to the Lord for our new laundry room. It is the biggest blessing! I don’t think I ever really appreciated having a laundry room till I had to go without one for over a month.

We decided to sell our washer and dryer when we moved to help lighten the load and believe me there was no room left on the truck. When we arrived in gorgeous Kansas, my hubby and I had already planned to turn a silly little 7x11ft “bedroom” (with no closet – pioneers are tough) into a laundry room. It was in a great location just across the hall from our room and next to what would be our upstairs bathroom, but it was a mess.


DSC_0068 DSC_0067

As you can see, the chimney in the left corner makes a unique bump-out with a little shelf attached. As original 1893 folksy features they give the room character, however the exposed duct work on the right and the outdated fan make me cringe. Going to the laundry mat 30min away and spending way to much to wash clothes, then hauling them home to dry old school to save money, was getting old fast.


Time to turn this junk room into a gem.

 Step 1. Rip out the gross carpet  and window treatments. 2. Remove an insane amount of nails from the walls and trim. 3. Scrub down every flat surface with disinfectant. 4. Paint ceilings, walls, trim. We had professionals install the pluming and electric. Then to replace the fan light I chose to use a chandelier my friend Kelly gave me awhile back. I simply painted it a light gray and tied on some faux crystals to give it a more updated look.



What a difference! As you can see I love my laundry room, but I still don’t love folding laundry. We plan to build something around the washer and dryer to fold on and some storage cabinets to cover the exposed duct. What do ya think?

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