The Nursery ( part 1)

The Nursery ( part 1)featured

Having Cami Grace’s room done is a huge priority for me. I think that if I had her room finished I would feel better about the crazy reno mess the rest of the house is in. I’ve been working really hard trying to give her a clean, organized place to play and sleep, but things just keep happening to slow down my progress.


The day we moved into the farmhouse we realized that there was no way we could get her crib through the small doors, up the skinny winding steps, and into her room. This broke my heart since her whole bedroom set is something I love and spent a lot of time refinishing.


Then we realized that having an antique changing table with drawers that stick too badly to use, was not a good use of space in a nursery less than half the size of her last nursery. Cami’s new room also had no closet or any storage. My only option was to sell her entire 4 piece set and start all over with the room’s design, but first I had to prep the space. This is what the space looked like when we bought the farm.

DSC_0053 DSC_0055 DSC_0056

We ripped out the threadbare carpet, scrubbed the room down, took out the “closet”, window treatments, dated ceiling fan, and a bucket load of screws, nails, and tacks. After all of that the 8x11ft room still felt very dirty and small, and nothing like her pretty princess nursery in GA (Cami’s nursery in GA was about 16x17ft with 12ft ceilings and a closet). I decided to paint the trim white because it had such serious damage, and I thought it would lighten up the space. Then, I went with a very pale coral/pink for the walls. The original heart pine floor had some mysterious black splotches and was very beat up, so we sanded it and stained it a dark brown.

DSC_0363 DSC_0367

Now all we need is to add some small, yet multifunctional pieces, and to find a new home for her old set. I did a post recently on this hutch-turned-armoire that I am planning to use as Cami Grace’s closet. Wish us luck getting it up those crazy stairs.


{If you live in the eastern part of Kansas and are interested in Cami’s turquoise 4 piece set check out Craigslist for that area for more pics and info. Or just leave your contact info in the comment section below.}


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