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I had to go to the bathroom during a stormthe other night and as you know going to the bathroom at our house includes going out the front door and then back in the kitchen door. (Because the kitchen and bath are temporarily blocked off from the house while we are renovating them) I was scared to go by myself so Michael came with me. He was giving me a piggy back ride back to the front door, since I had no shoes on, when we heard the most deafening crashing noise right above our heads. We ran inside and noticed the power was out and Cami Grace was crying. The rest of the night we spent watching the amazing display of lightning and getting very little sleep.

In the morning we walked out our front door only to realize what a close call we had really had. Several large branches from the hundred year old tree in our front yard had fallen just feet from where we had been standing and only a few yards from our house. Thank you Lord for your protection over our family and home.

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Never a dull moment here in Kansas!


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