The Evolution of the Bryarton Farm Logo: Part 1featured


New logo design published 8/22/2014

Hey, this is Michael finally doing my first post. We have been working on the Bryarton Farm logo for months now, and it’s finally getting to a place where Sara and I feel that it represents our company.


A beautiful logo sketch that Sara did. We will have to use this somewhere.

Like our house, our blog design is still a work in progress. I get a little embarrassed sometimes when I look at the site, especially since we call ourselves Bryarton Farm Art and Design. I just have to remind myself that I am still learning and that it is slowly getting better. Even though I minored in graphic design in college and have read a stack of design books, I am definitely still growing.


Logo sketches. Note that we dropped the “s”. Farms changed to Farm. (2 on top by Michael; 1 on bottom by Sara Jo)

I will be doing several posts over the next months on logo design. They will show  how the Bryarton Farm logo got to where it is now, and along the way you’ll learn the basics of how to create your own logo.


The first serious logo used on the site

I plan to put “art and design” back on the logo when there is more content that fits that title. This series will be part of a broader emphasis that we are going for on this site of teaching you the basics of many different kinds of art and design.


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