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We have been very busy already this fall. Besides adding a new little “pumpkin to our patch,” we have also been making some real renovation progress.

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My wonderful husband spent hours hanging drywall on the wall that he demoed for plumbing and electric. Using a 2×4 to hold up the drywall while he nailed it to the studs, Michael managed to hang it all by himself (I would not recommend this method). He hasn’t let me help at all with the bathroom reno for fear that it will harm the baby. This bathroom remodel is not a one man job, but Michael is determined to see it through.

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Finding a new use for my T-square from art school and various “poor man’s tools” Michael was also able to install the 4ft wainscoting around the bathroom. The wainscoting is a beautiful architectural detail that will double as a splash guard for the tub and sink. He plans to add cottage style breadboard planks to the ceiling to prevent mold from hot showers. I am curious to see the creative way he accomplishes that feat.

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Meanwhile, I have been using my creative juices to paint an oil-on-board piece I call “Curious Calves.”  I am obsessed with painting cows right now. They just make me happy!


We spent a fun day at a local pumpkin patch picking out these unique white beauties to represent our growing family. The gorgeous fall weather is already getting me in the mood for Thanksgiving (maybe that’s because I’m pregnant and I am craving food all the time). I am so thankful for my hard working husband and all the progress we have made on Bryarton Farm. Please pray that my hubby doesn’t kill himself and is able to finish the bathroom before snow flies.


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