Get The Look {Farmhouse Bathroom}

Get The Look {Farmhouse Bathroom}featured


This month I am continuing my “Get The Look” series with a walk-through of our finished upstairs bathroom.

This bathroom is by far my favorite space in our farmhouse. This is partly because I appreciate the 9 months of blood, sweat, and tears it took my hubby and I to complete this renovation, and it’s partly because the end result really exceeded my DIY expectations. Today I want to point out key pieces I used throughout this space that really give it the farmhouse look at a surprisingly low price. Hopefully this will teach you some of my tricks, as well as inspire you to create your own farmhouse style bathrooms.


Almost every piece in this space falls into 4 categories: thrift store finds, eBay finds, antique shop finds, or hand-made.

{If you see something in the pictures that you are interested in finding, but I do not mention its origin please leave your request in the comments section below.}

Thrift store finds

I love adding unexpected pieces to a bathroom space. All of my thrift store finds are things you might not think to put in a bathroom, but for my situation they really work. For instance, having a comfy chair not only adds a place for necessary toddler bath supervision, it is also a great landing area when removing shoes. I also love using attractive baskets to store everything from bath toys to jewelry. When using decorative items such as framed photos or a hand painted tea tray, make sure they have been water-proofed or that they are far from possible spray.

  • Carved wood frame – $3
  • Hand-painted oval tray – $2.99
  • Bath toy storage – $4
  • faux velvet pillow – $2

DSC_0681 tea tray

DSC_0594 DSC_0600

eBay finds

eBay is a wonderful opportunity to acquire hard-to-find items at discounted prices. Sometimes finding period pieces that are true to the vintage farmhouse style can be difficult in local stores. Opting to search outside of your state or even your country can often gain you the best deal on an otherwise expensive piece, like the sconces that I literally got from France.

  • Farmhouse faucet – $172
  • Vintage french sconce – $20 (each)
  • Farmhouse tub kit – $899  (Tub kit included: Faucet, drain & plug, telephone sprayer, shower head, supply lines, & shower enclosure)

DSC_0591 DSC_0588


Antique shop finds

I knew an antique shop was the only place I could get the tub I wanted for the price I could afford. Buying a new claw foot cost well into the thousands, but buying a vintage tub and having to refinish the inside cost about the same. So I had to go on a serious hunt to find one in great condition. I found this old girl with only a few small scratches! I did however have to refinish the outside. It took 3 men to get it into my car and 3 to get it upstairs, but it was worth all the trouble. I think all my antique shop finds made this space an authentically beautiful bathroom.

  • Vintage hanging soap dish – $20
  • Vintage brass chandelier – $140
  • Vintage mirror – $40
  • 1916 cast iron claw foot tub – $125

DSC_0596 DSC_0696

DSC_0583 DSC_0598


Making something yourself is powerful. Not everyone is a designer, but I believe that God gave everyone the ability to create beauty in their own way. If not with paint, with wood, or with cloth, then maybe through music, writing, or dance. We all have talents to use to glorify Him and you may discover the artist in yourself when you create your own “ nest” as I did.

DSC_0693 DSC_0723



I don’t always know where or how I will use a new piece; I just know I love it. I often choose to repaint or fix-up my finds to give them a new life. Remember there are no rules to country decorating, so express your personality. Simply surround yourself with farmhouse style pieces you really love and you will have the perfect nest.


– Check out before & after shots plus the story behind this farmhouse renovation. Click this link to enjoy our journey from a tiny dingy upstairs bedroom to a stunning farmhouse style bathroom. – Farmhouse Bathroom Reveal

* Reminder – I think it is worth noting that I am a stay at home mom and my husband loads trucks for a living. Though we dream of making money off our blog someday, we have yet to pursue that plan. So obviously we are not making much money. However, I feel that we are still able to create a cozy home with a high-end look on a very tight budget. Getting the farmhouse look may be within your grasp after all.

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