Dreamin of a White Farmyard?

Dreamin of a White Farmyard?featured


I know it’s not Christmas anymore. I also know that I promised a couple people I would talk about farmhouse style organizing, but I just had to share this instead. I hope these beautiful shots of our historic farmyard in the glittering snow make your day…

DSC_0621 DSC_0623

Though this shabby barn is across the dirt road from our white barn, and it has been parceled out of the original 160 acres of Bryarton Farm, it still feels a part of our farmyard. I just love how it looks all covered in snow. We found the year 1916 etched on one of its doors. What a cool piece of forgotten history!

DSC_0615 DSC_0619 DSC_0614

We thought Lacy was a white dog till it snowed…I guess she is more of a vintage lace color. Being a Great Pyrenees mix she is really enjoying the cold weather. The flakes and icy wind don’t bother her one bit.

chickens DSC_0626

The chickens, on the other hand, think snow is overrated. Their coop is just beyond our white 1900 barn. Once inside their hen house, you can see the underside of cedar roof shingles, making this little coop a probable piece of history itself. Imagine the generations of feathered friends who have nested in this very spot…


This is our little well house. We are so thankful to have well water here on the farm. After living in the Atlanta, Georgia area we appreciate the monthly savings on water. The one problem that we are still working on is the frequent pipe freezing issue. Can’t have everything!

DSC_0608 DSC_0635

Isn’t it wonderful how snow transforms a gnarled old tree, or a simple corn field into a breathtaking work of art? God is an amazing artist!


My favorite corner of the farmyard, to see covered in snow, is the girls’ “play farmhouse”. With a stray wreath leftover from Christmas still hanging on its little front door, it is just adorable. This tiny fixer upper will hopefully get finished this summer, but for now the snow covers its flaws beautifully.


We hope you enjoyed a look at our farmyard under its winter blanket. Thank you for stopping by the blog. You can Subscribe to see more of our crazy farmhouse renovation journey and our adventures on the farm. You can also see more fun pics on our Bryarton Farm Facebook page, Instagram, & Pinterest. Tell us what you think of our farmyard in the comments section below, too! We love hearing from you!


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