Love Letters { A Lost Art }

Love Letters { A Lost Art }featured


Love letters have always been a way for people to stand outside of themselves and better express their deepest emotions. Something happens when pen touches paper. The feelings that you found hard to say face-to-face suddenly explode onto the page when released by ink rather than voice.


These are truths that I was amazed to learn when my hubby challenged me to try letter writing. I thought I was an amazing communicator. Unfortunately, just because a person talks a lot doesn’t mean they are a good communicator. I was mistaking quantity for quality. Once I tried letter writing I was hooked! I had to slow down because I couldn’t write as fast as I could think. This forced me to weed out the unnecessary fluff and get down to what I really wanted to say. A very freeing experience!

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With all the technology and new ways of communicating, writing love letters has become a lost art. These new ways aren’t necessarily bad. However, there is just something beautiful about the way real ink on paper creates a meaningful piece that can be treasured for a lifetime. I have saved every letter my husband has ever written me. I enjoy taking them out and reading them every so often. Can you treasure an email or text like that?


On the one day of the year when there are no excuses for holding back your expressions of love for someone, why not try writing them down? Valentine’s Day means different things to different people, but it should at least be a time when we stop what we are doing and tell our loved ones how much they mean to us.

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Here on our little farm we seem to always be busily running around focused on our crazy  life. Valentine’s Day is there to stop us in our tracks, demanding we remember that people are only things that are eternal. Investing in relationships and loving people is our greatest legacy on this earth.

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Even if you are not an artist, what is most important is that you share your heart and say something that matters. Encouragement, apology, affirmation, passion, fears, hopes, dreams: get out whatever is truly in your heart. Write down the things you have been holding inside. You will be so glad you did and your relationship with your spouse will reach another level.


Our hope is that we can encourage you to try the lost art of  love letter writing, have fun with it, and pursue a deeper understanding of your spouse’s heart.

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