A Country Picnic {Part 2 Party Prep}

A Country Picnic {Part 2 Party Prep}featured


This is the second part of our series chronicling how we are putting together a good old fashion country picnic for our youngest daughter’s upcoming 1st birthday party. With this 3 post series we hope to give families creative inspiration on how they too can host events with farm-flavor and homegrown style. Just like in the olden days, you can welcome friends & family to share lasting precious memories together, while making your dollars stretch. Let’s take birthday parties back a hundred years to a time when country picnics were a way of life…

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In preparing our little farmyard for hosting a birthday picnic, we started by giving the party location a sprucing up. When you are in the midst of a home renovation, often the rest of your property falls to the end of your to-do list. We realized that this was definitely the case with Bryarton Farm, so we spent well over a week just trimming trees, planting grass seed, tending to the scruffy flower beds, and even giving our mail box a makeover.

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If you read our previous posts about Camdyn’s mini farmhouse, you know that this darling playhouse, like our farmhouse, is a restoration work in progress. We have a weakness for rescuing under appreciated folk Victorians, so this playhouse really fit on our farm. ( Read more about the playhouse by clicking Playhouse I & Playhouse II) Since there will be quite a few little girls at this party, finishing a couple more playhouse projects became very important. I think the girls will love all the natural light that this restored vintage window Michael installed adds to the space. During the girls’ nap time I was able to clean up the interior, by patching and painting the walls and floor. When everything is dry, I will furnish this cozy place with the kitchen and dining sets that Michael and I created for our princesses.

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This vintage highchair is our birthday gift to Avonlee. Giving the adorable flea market find a fresh coat of white paint is all it needed to be as-good-as-new. I can’t wait to see all the hilarious pictures of Avee Rose digging into her birthday cupcake. What a perfect farmhouse style throne fit for our pint sized country princess.

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In a corner of our farmhouse I have started curating a collection of decorations for the party. I am going for an eclectic vintage vibe, so texture and color are playing a big role. Mixing old and new, handmade and store-bought decorations help me to get a homespun look without breaking the bank. I found a few unfinished 1930s grain sack quilts that I was able to get for under $20 “as is.” The classic blue gingham table clothes and mini picnic basket were cheap Amazon finds and the galvanized drink dispenser is from Walmart. All these pieces not only invoke the nostalgia of our old fashion picnic theme, but are also things I will use in my home after the party.

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I am reusing the bib I made for our oldest daughter’s 1st birthday, as well as the sweet banners that my hubby and I collaborated on for the same event. I was not prepared for the overflow of emotions that hit me when I pulled the lace bib and banners from the back of the nursery armoire. My throat started aching and the tears were flowing. I just can’t believe my big girl is going to be 4 this summer and my baby is turning 1 in a few days! Lord help me…

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