A Snow Day on the Farm

A Snow Day on the Farmfeatured

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Every year we like to spread a bit of Christmas cheer by sharing our first snow with you. There is something miraculous about the effect those crisp white flakes have on our farm. This year’s first snow held many special moments that we will never forget…

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The girls were very excited about having a family snow day. Last year Avonlee was too little to play outside in the snow. Now at 19 months we felt she was ready to brave the 7 º weather to experience the sparkling powder. So as soon as I had bundled the girls up they went out to the barn with Daddy to help him with the chores.

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Here is a fun comparison of Camdyn and Avonlee’s first thoughts on the concept of SNOW. {Camdyn is pictured in front of our big city 1910 Victorian cottage in Georgia, while in contrast Avonlee is in front of our rural 1893 Folk Victorian farmhouse in Kansas.} As you can tell, though three years apart, they had the same initial reaction: “This stuff is wet and cold! What were you thinking bringing me out here, Mom?”

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Little Avee Rose couldn’t believe that this fluffy white stuff was so cold. See started out cautiously touching it, but before too long she was right there with big sister making snow balls!

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After all the animals were fed, Daddy helped the girls build there very first snowman ever!

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Cami Grace named him “Lil Cupcake.” He was rather short and chubby, so he fit right in on our farm overrun with chubby lil animals and toddlers.

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Witness Bryarton Farm’s metamorphosis from a simple farm in rural Kansas to a magical winter wonderland…

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Our old farm buildings look lovely all covered in white…

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Because our 1800s forgotten farm needs so many repairs I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of us. The best part of a good snow is the way it seems to cover all Bryarton’s imperfections and transform it into such a dreamy little farm.We are still in the middle of restoring our fixer upper farmhouse, but dusted with snow it looks just about perfect…

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Thanks for stoping by the farm for a visit. We hope you enjoyed seeing Bryarton all dressed up for Christmas in it’s snowy best!

May you have a blessed celebration of Jesus’ birthday with the ones you love.


P.S. Happy 32nd Birthday to the best Daddy in the world!

We love you,

Your Girls

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