Camdyn’s 5th Birthday (Tribute Video & Party Story)

Camdyn’s 5th Birthday (Tribute Video & Party Story)featured

Last weekend was Camdyn’s 5th birthday! As a Mom of two little girls, my heart is struggling to handle the transition from baby to kindergartner that Cami Grace is going through. I hope this sweet tribute collaboration video with my musician sister, incorporating precious memories of our family, has the same calming effect on your heart as it did mine. It’s the perfect reminder that all the stages of your little one’s life are special, so we should live every moment to its fullest.

I want to inspire you as parents and grandparents to be intentional about soaking up those simple everyday moments with the greatest lil’ gifts God has given you: Your Children.

This jam session with my sister Hope brings back memories of our own childhood together. A family that sings together stays close!

The older I get, the more I realize how blessed I am to have a family that plays together, who genuinely love my children, and who invest in a deep connection with them.

Cami Grace received many beautiful gifts for her birthday, but as we put her to bed that night, she kept saying how she just loved playing with everyone. Proving that even children see the value of quality time as the best gift.

It was crazy to see how well 2 yr old Avonlee took to the squirt guns the grandparents brought. Avee Rose had so much fun squirting Grandma with killer aim on her white pants… and really everywhere!


Aunt Charissa is the youngest of my clan and has a tender touch with Cami Grace. Probably because she was one of the main people caring for Camdyn for 2 weeks after baby sister Avonlee was born. They have such a sweet bond.

But Aunt Rissie has a silly side too. It was her idea to turn our embarrassment at how slowly the exterior farmhouse restoration is coming along into a fun game. She yelled, “I appreciate you renting this adult jungle gym for the party,” as she climbed quickly to the top.

All the Aunties and Grandma had a great girl-chat enjoying a birds eye view of the farm, while the men played bubbles with the little girls.


We are so blessed to have a photographer as a Daddy, but it kinda made me sad when I realized that in all the fun of the day this was perhaps the only shot of Micheal.

Not to be outdone by the ladies or his personal trainer son, even 63 year old Grandpa climbed the wobbly scaffolding up two stories, to get a look at the picturesque view. I’d say we have some good genes!

The birthday party was a great time to make some memories together as a family. Three generations together on the farm was the best gift a little girl could ask for.

If only we could Slow Down and live in this moment a little while longer…

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