Solar Eclipse on the Farm (New Video)

Solar Eclipse on the Farm (New Video)featured

Join us as we watch the 2017 Solar Eclipse here on Bryarton Farm, where we were at 99% totality. See our chickens react to sudden night at midday. We were able to enjoy the spectacle in a peaceful, rural setting, and make great family memories.

Aside from Avonlee, everyone on the farm got to view the eclipse. We didn’t trust our 2 year old to keep her safety glasses on, so she napped during the whole thing. If it took two of us to keep the glasses on Panda the kitty, then they certainly wouldn’t have stayed on a wiggly toddler.

Enjoy this short video of our experience of the solar eclipse on our little farm by clicking below.

Being at 99% totality gave us a unique experience that we felt blessed to be able to watch from our own backyard.

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