Unexpected Christmas Touches Around the Farmhouse

Unexpected Christmas Touches Around the Farmhousefeatured

For most adults the Holidays carry a certain amount of stress. Taking a moment to catch your breath and relax can be tough, especially for moms who can’t seem to get that nagging “To Do List” off their minds. Well ladies, today I want to share an unexpected corner of the farmhouse decked out for Christmas. Hint: It’s where I go to find peace and tranquility…


If you guessed the bathroom, you got it! It might sound strange to find solace in a bathroom or even stranger to decorate it for Christmas, but in this farmhouse/construction zone it’s the best I can do.

The bathroom was one of the first spaces we tackled in the ongoing historic restoration project of our 1800s farm. Our lazy-but-adorable Yorkie, Bella absolutely loves the bathroom. Her comfy crate by the window gives her a birds-eye-view of the farm, so she can be on guard while napping. Queen Bella has claimed the bathroom as “her room,” but she allows her subjects to use her sanctuary in exchange for a belly rub.


You can see the initial Farmhouse Bathroom Reveal by clicking {Here} but a lot has changed since then. This primitive chippy cabinet has been a lifesaver, providing much needed storage for toiletries and towels.

The small weathered ladder is a piece we salvaged from a 102 year old corn crib our nieghbors recently tore down. I love that it once had humble use as the access to the loft. Now, it adds rustic-farm-charm to our bathroom and doubles as a towel bar.


The bath tray is also a reclaimed piece of the destroyed 1915 corn crib. I love how there are remnants of the original barn-red paint clinging to the top which coordinate subtly with the Christmas sprig hanging above.


I made this simple Christmas sprig by tying faux berries, greenery, and dried wildflowers together with a bit of jute twine. Tacking it to my favorite antique mirror, an anniversary gift from my husband, was pretty easy as well. I try not to over think Holiday decor and that helps with the storage issues later.

Keeping it simple also goes with the history and soul of our 1893 farmhouse. Traditionally, 1800s-era farmers would have used greenery gathered from their land and handmade pieces for Christmas decorations.


Isn’t there something magical about candlelight? It brings a dancing warmth to any room and I find that the ambience of candlelight boosts my mood too!


Another thing that relaxes me and boosts my mood is adding a few drops of oil into my bubble bath. I can’t afford the Essential Oils everyone is raving about and I don’t want to get into selling them, but I have found that both my local Walmart and Dollar General carry pure essential oils for just $3. Now that’s my style! Lavender and Tea Tree oil are my favorite oils for a perfect “Spa at the Farm” experience.


My sister-in-law who is ironically named Serene gifted me a Scentsy wax warmer a few years ago and I love to add Pumpkin Pie infused wax during my bath. A bubble bath, Christmas music, and that smell wafting through the air mixed with the sent of Lavender oil creates an atmosphere of serenity…

While in my little oasis I try to let my worries go. Sometimes I read a book or I journal writing down my thoughts to get them out on paper, but my secret weapon is using my time in the tub talking to God. He promises, “Cast your burdens on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.” – Psalm 55:22

Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas. He came to rescue us, so doesn’t it make sense to take all of our Holiday induced stress and give it to Him – The Savior of the world?

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a little tour of my bathroom oasis dressed up for Christmas. I hope you not only enjoyed your visit, but that you found some peace…

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